The following services can be provided by Linkswood Equine Vets:

*Routine visits/examinations
*Gastroscopy (mobile at home or in clinic)
*Endoscopy (mobile at home or in clinic)
*Routine vaccinations
*Microchipping and Passport applications
*Dental examinations and services (modern battery operated and manual tools) with possibility of sedation
*Poor performance evaluations
*Shockwave therapy
*Lameness evaluation
*Pre purchase examinations (vettings) 2 or 5 stage and Radiography if required (Form for booking here)
*Digital radiography (X-ray) mobile or in clinic (battery operated we don’t need power!!)
*Medical and orthopaedic ultrasound
*Weight loss investigation
*Medical work ups
*Colic- medical treatment in clinic
*Hospitalisation of your horse
*Blood work using our in house analysers enabling quick results.