Are you an experienced equine veterinary surgeon looking for their next career move?  Are you feeling slightly despondent about your career opportunities (maybe you don’t fancy a corporate clinical director position for all the hassle and none of the glory?!) Are you still in love with the profession but want to feel like you can improve it? Or have you fallen out of love but are desperate to stay and not diversify? If so, read on!

We are a brand new equine ambulatory practice with purpose built beautiful clinic facilities. Stables, CCTV, treatment room with stocks and a lovely office. Outdoor arena, hard trot up. There is space to continue to develop.

We are in (dare we say) Essex. We are on the Essex Suffolk border and the countryside is beautiful. Just a one-hour train ride from London! Less than an hour from the coast.

We are a vet nurse and vet team and are both equal (shock horror!) directors. We love our jobs because we work our jobs around our lives. We also have an awesome receptionist who won’t send you to the wrong post codes. We are a team and work as a team, we lean on each other for back up and support. Equine vets do not have to work alone!
From leisure to the competition horses we have a great and varied client base. The base is growing both in numbers and geographically and we would love someone to come and build their own case load. Clients are respectful. They are pleased to have a new independent start up in the area.

Vet medicine is changing, and no one can figure out how to retain staff, so why don’t you tell us what you want? And we don’t just mean financially. We mean tell us what you want to make this job a long-term affair with us. If you want to finish early to ride your horse in daylight or attend a spin class? Be our guest. Need to attend a school play mid-afternoon? Done. Want to start later to drop the kids off? No issues. Our diary is flexible to suit life. We love our jobs, and this is how we still do. On call is shared with 4 other independent equine practices.

We would love a vet who is experienced enough and brave enough to build their own client base. An orthopaedic bias would be the cherry on top. We have the facilities to support in-house work ups. If you want to buy in, have shares in the business, that’s possible too. We anticipate profit sharing after our first year and so if you don’t want to be in business with us but want to be compensated fairly, then it’s a fair deal.

We will be caring and supportive
We are honest, ethical and independent
We are family orientated
We offer clients choices, we are respected for being open about costs and realistic about outcomes. With Newmarket less than an hour away, we have an amazing choice of referral facilities.

No point in listing all the terrible benefits you will never want to use so instead we will say:

Ask and you shalt receive. The following are all negotiable:
Holiday allowance
CPD allowance
On call rota
Number of days worked
Part time work possible

If you think we could be your next move- give us a call or email. All enquires will be confidential. If you would like to come and visit before something official like an interview, then that’s great too.

Contact us on 07878 865185 or